Happy Friday Everyone!
This post is for those of us who haven’t yet recuperated from Daylight Savings Time.

Last week we all had to change our clocks 1 hour forward for Daylight Savings Time. There are many opinions about DST, I’m not sure what yours is and I don’t really have one. I thought I might talk about it a little bit today.

When the time changes for daylight savings time, it’s something that many people dread, but others look forward to. I think this year has been the worst for me, I had such a difficult time getting readjusted to it that I felt like I needed a nap every day after work for two weeks. Maybe it’s because each year I’m a little older, or maybe because my schedule has been drastically changed in the past couple of years; I don’t really know. I’ve never really cared either way about DST, but I am definitely looking forward to fall this year.

The reason we have daylight savings times is to give us more daylight in the evenings. It began during World War I, to save fuel, and reinstated nationally during WWII, and it has seen some changes since then. Having this time change during the summer allows for those “long summer nights”. It seems that we save about one percentage energy use each day of DST. If you take the whole country in to account, that’s a lot of energy. There are some states that do not follow the DST changes: Hawaii, most of Arizona, and parts of Indiana. Technically, each city and state has the right to ignore the time change, but that might make things even more confusing, if no one is on the same page for time.

All I know for sure is that while springing forward is exhausting, falling back is pretty nice. It’s important to remember that changes are usually double sided. Look for the good when all you can see is the bad. However, just because something may seem completely “good” from your point of view, that is rarely the case.

Keep an open mind and respect others.

-Karrlita F.