Our world has changed so much! Just in the last 40 years we have completely overhauled almost everything we do and will do. Some things were changed for the better, somethings just changed neither better nor worse and some things just became weird.

My grandmother, who is 87 talks about how things were in the 1950’s all the time. How no one cared what you did in your own home you just didn’t talk about it. So you could be whatever you wanted behind closed doors (at least that’s what she saw happen). Then you have the revolution of the 60’s and 70’s. Free love, peace and happiness ruled all or at least they wanted it too. Then the 80’s and 90’s were all about losing labels and not forcing someone into what you believed they should be. That brings us to now. Oh 2019 you tricky time era you!

The quest for equality is in full swing, sometimes to a violent level. Everything is labeled, almost too much. We are fighting each other at an alarming rate. Some fights are good don’t get me wrong. When there is injustice we should fight! Battles have to be chosen wisely and that is where I believe we have fallen down. Instead of banning together and fighting injustice we stand alone and fight each other. We aren’t fighting for the freedoms of each other or the right to make our own choices. We are fighting because we don’t like what someone chooses to call themselves or what they ask to be known as. This oddly enough is their choice, so we are essentially fighting people on the choices they make. That’s an age old fight isn’t it?

What does it truly matter? Who are they hurting? If I want to be called King Rachael or my husband wants to be known as Queen Adam how does that hurt anyone else and why does it matter? Let’s embrace our differences and yes our self-imposed labels too. I may not like that this generation has eight million labels but they don’t hurt me. So I let my 18 year old daughter call herself whatever she would like and I call her friends whatever they like and I don’t think a second thought about it. In the end they see it as individuality and that is an awesome thing! So don’t get mad just accept them and love everyone for who they are and what they want to be. Our world is so beautiful with all it’s differences.