My family loves movies. I mean, REALLY loves movies. My husband’s first job was at Blockbuster Video, my daughters first and only job has been at the local movie theatre, my husband and I ran a Charity Cosplay group and our collection is almost 500 movies big. As I said, we really love movies. We all like something different too, which is why our collection is so large. Recently, my daughter humored me and went with me to see an animated film I really wanted to see. She thought it was cute. I was struck deep in my heart.

You see, when I started writing for this blog just over 45 days ago I had no idea what to write about. When anyone tosses out a topic it is a huge relief. Except, when my boss said I needed to focus on the upcoming Election Day. Oh no! I do NOT want to get political, people fight emphatically over their political views.  I stay away from it at all costs. My cousin worked on the Obama campaign in DC, my Aunt is a major volunteer in Topeka and I have friends that live in Topeka and go to rallies constantly. Not me! I will walk away from any political conversation.

There I was, sitting in the movie, bopping along to the cute songs. The very first song says; “Be a steady Yeti, don’t rock the boat, if you have doubts about what you’re being told just push them down deep inside and ignore them.” Well, isn’t that interesting? I should say here that this movie is in no way overtly political. They aren’t voting, they aren’t deciding who their leaders are. They simply do not want to change things to protect their tribe. The main character is the biggest proponent of doing what you’re told and not listening to anyone who talks bad about their beliefs or leader. Through a series of events he starts to see that maybe he does need to rock the boat and that being a steady yeti may not be the best thing. With change comes hardship and he faces a very tough crowd. Not only his own tribe but other “tribes” as well.  This was all very interesting to me but what really hit me and almost took my breath away was the final song. It’s called “Moment of truth” by CYN. The song talks about doing something drastic, something new finding a way to reach out and embrace everyone. Instead of hate, celebrate all the ways we’re different, having the power to make this world a better place. The final verse is what hit home for me, “But if it’s ever gonna change we gotta come together, me and you in a moment of truth”.

Our moment is Election Day! We have to stop fighting each other and allow our differences and opinions. It’s time to ROCK THE VOTE! For me that means I need to stop running away from political conversations. I need to hear what others say and I need to say what I believe too, without fear of anger or rejection. Coming together means accepting each other in all of our opinions. We don’t have to agree to get along. The one thing we can agree on is that November 6th is our day to state exactly what we want. That is our moment of truth!  Whatever you believe, get out and make your voice heard! It matters in so many ways to so many people! If we don’t say something when we have the chance then we may not get another one.  We take for granted our right to vote, some of us flat out ignore it. This world, our world that we built is important. So get out and say what YOU want done!  To see surveys the candidates completed or find video of their debates go to the PILR Facebook page, for polling places go to

If we do nothing, if we hide in the snow, we become myths never to be real again.