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Disability Mentoring Day

On October 18 in Hutchinson, and October 24 in Pratt, approximately 260 High school students with disabilities will learn about a career they may want to pursue after high school as PILR hosts Disability Mentoring Day 2017. This will be the 16th year we have hosted the event in Hutchinson, and the 10th year for the event in Pratt.

For many of the students, this may be the first time they think that they could actually work after graduation. I remember a student who was mentored by a staff person here at PILR who had always been told that she couldn’t work and the PILR staff who mentored her was the first person who put the thought of work in her mind. To host this program, it takes a lot of time by PILR staff to make the matches, a lot of support from employers who allow students to come in to their businesses, and support from people, like you, who generously decide to sponsor a student’s participation.

For $25, you can sponsor a student which covers the cost of breakfast and the reception as well as a T-shirt that the student will receive at the end of the day of mentoring. It also allows us to cover some of our other costs that we incur to make this program happen. Each of us can think about someone who took a chance on us at some point in our lives that made a significant difference for us. You could be that person for a high school student with a disability, if you choose to sponsor them.

Help us help high school students learn about work, sponsor a student; you’ll be happy you did.

We have made it to the halfway mark for this year’s DMD Fundraising $5,050/10,000. This includes money received and money that has been pledged. If you would like to help with this wonderful event for high school students with disabilities, then please send a donation:

Prairie Independent Living Resource Center, Inc.
17 South Main Street
Hutchinson, KS 67501

For More information, please visit: https://www.pilr.org/disability-mentoring-day-2/