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Disability Awareness Training: Dyslexia

The October All-Staff meeting was packed full of information for the PILR Staff. This is typical of most staff meetings. In addition to reviewing goals, success, room for growth and opportunity, we also do staff training.

This month, our staff meeting training included a disability awareness exercise. Specifically, it was an exercise to show how some people with dyslexia see things. I think “dyslexia” is one of those terms that is thrown around loosely without full understanding of it. People who do not have dyslexia do not know how difficult it can be. Maybe you call yourself dyslexic because you misread a word, or write numbers out of order, occasionally. That is nowhere near the experience of someone who has dyslexia.

One of our staff members, who has dyslexia, spoke about the difficulties he experienced when he was in school. How children are expected to learn a certain way and you can’t learn, read, write, or understand the way everyone else does then they have no reason to even try and teach you anything. Interestingly, he filled his form out very well especially compared to mine.

Anyway, back to the awareness exercise, everyone was given a different form to fill out, each asking typical for information name, date, birthdate, and all those things that I have filled out thousands of times. The trick for this exercise was using the reflection of a mirror to read and fill out the form. I did an awful job, it was illegible, not on the line, it took me forever, and I’m not even sure I matched the right information on the right line. It was a whole new outlook on something that most people have heard of, but completely misunderstand.

I have been blessed to have great grammar, spelling, and writing skills. I take that for granted and I often forget that not everyone has the same skill set that I do. Everyone is different and that is wonderful, we need to learn how to embrace the differences not erase them.

-Karrlita F.

You can see pictures of some of the staff during the training:

Toni, Tasha, and Alam using mirror to fill out forms      Mignon using a mirror to fill out forms

Heather J & Tammy using mirror to fill out forms      Adam and Karrlita using mirror to fill out forms