Kids are curious and it’s ok

I recently saw a news story about a kid who was creating an app which would allow people with disabilities to know if businesses were accessible or what accessibility challenges someone might find when patronizing a business. He got the idea when he saw a person, who used a wheelchair struggling to open a door, and after making some inquiries, he realized this is a service that could be used, so he started working to create this app.

People with disabilities may get an app that can help them in their daily lives because of the curiosity of a kid. Yet so often when it comes to people with disabilities, parents don’t allow their kids to explore their curiosity. I am always amazed, that more often than not, parents won’t discourage their kid from staring at a person with a disability, but will shush them very quickly if they try to ask that person a question about that disability. Yet, allowing the kid to ask the question and the person with a disability to answer would do more good for both people than just allowing them to stare ever did.

I understand that not all people are going to be understanding when asked a question about their disability but my guess is that most will, and to me, developing that understanding of people and acceptance of differences is worth the chance you take. So, next time you’re out in the community, and your kid sees a person with a disability and has a question, let them ask it, you might be amazed both what it does for the person being asked, and for your kid as well.

-Roger F.

What things were you curious about as a kid?