Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Learning To Cook

I will never forget the first time I came in contact with the kitchen. I was 9 years old and my sister was 6. We wanted to make cookies, roll them out, and decorate them. Of course, at the exact time we wanted to do this, our mom had something she had to do that was more important than letting us make cookies.

As I remember, it was go to the grocery store so we could have real food. Anyway, as soon as our mom left we decided we really didn’t need her help, we could do this on our own. So, with no recipe, and even less of a clue, we got to work. We mixed flour, Sugar, baking soda, and I am not sure what else together, until we finally had something that kind of resembled cookie dough. So we took our conglomeration, dumped it on a cookie sheet, and patted it down until it was about the thickness that cookies should be. We weren’t sure how to cut the cookies out, so it made sense to us to put the cookie cutters all over the cookie sheet of dough and throw the whole mess in the oven.

Luckily, just about this time our mom got back. At first, I am sure she wanted to kill us. But then, after making us help her clean up the kitchen, and believe me it was a disaster, she put us to work helping her make supper. That was the first time I really helped cook supper and it happened many times after that.

My mom believed that all kids should learn how to cook and the fact that I couldn’t see didn’t matter. I am sure at times as I learned to cook it was more work for her than it was worth because I was then and still am a messy cook. But she was going to make sure that when I became an adult I could take care of myself. Many times over the years I have worked with people who didn’t have a parent who helped them develop the skills to take care of themselves as an adult and each time I realize how lucky I really was.

-Roger F.