My family has a strong group of military personnel in it. My father was in the Army reserves, my uncle was a Marine in Vietnam, my grandfather was in Germany during World War 2 with the Navy and 7 of my father’s cousins were in the military as well. So it was not really a surprise when my son and daughter said they wanted to be in the military. Not that their decision was any easier on me because of my family ties but I deeply respect them for their decision.

The world has changed. September 11, 2001 changed everything. So many young men and women answered the call for help. Some of them didn’t make it back and still others came back entirely changed and with many barriers. Thankfully it’s not like it was during Vietnam. My uncle came back to anger and hostility, where we gladly welcome our young men and women home regardless of our beliefs on the conflict.

Now there are more services available to our military personnel than have ever been made available before. The Wounded Warrior Program has reached out and embraced our Veterans helping integrate them back into our world and help them heal. We are proud to help the Wounded Warrior Program at PILR. A person with a disability should be accepted, not shunned and cast aside because it happened while they were in the Military. A person is a person no matter their choices. I have several friends that went to Afghanistan and will never be the same. I take comfort in the fact that they have an ally in the Wounded Warrior Program. To have someone who walked in their shoes and knows some of their pain, a friend to help them readapt to the life they want to lead.

So many of us have family or friends in the military and we worry nonstop. While that worry will never go away, even when they are home, we can be calm and know those we love are not alone. They are supported and cared for.