All I want for Christmas is

I love the magic of Christmas. People are, in most cases, just a little more friendly, the music is a little happier and children are brimming with excitement because it is almost time for Santa to visit. As a kid, I remember sitting down every year and writing my list of what I wanted Santa to bring me and every year, I was positive I was going to get everything on my list. Of course, I never did get everything but I always did get many things I wanted.

There came a point when I realized the truth about Santa and quit making my list. This year, I decided to try making a list of my wants again in hopes that Santa, advocates, or people with disabilities themselves, would make my wishes come true.

  • I wish that every person with a disability who wanted to work could find a job and that all employers, not just a few, saw us as capable workers. Employment has such a powerful impact on people’s lives but so many people with disabilities have never known the impact work could have on them.
  • I wish that Congress would leave the ADA alone and quit trying to attack our civil rights, and unscrupulous lawyers would quit using disability law to pad their own pockets.
  • I wish that everyone who wanted to live in their own home could do that and that people were never forced into nursing facilities just to get their daily needs met because we all know that community living is what most people want.
  • I wish young people with disabilities didn’t feel like they had to be ashamed of having a disability but instead could be proud of every characteristic about them, because every person is uniquely different and that is what makes this world great.
  • I further wish that differences were something that everyone celebrated instead of using them to segregate us in to whatever group they think we should belong to. Being unique is ok.

I know my wishes won’t come true this year, but they could come true in the future, if we all do our part to change the world. Talk to your neighbors, call your congressman, tell that kid who acts a little different that he is ok just the way he is. That is what we can do to make our future better. Finally, I hope everyone takes a little time to enjoy this holiday season, and then let’s start looking at what we can each do to make 2018 a better year for everyone.

-Roger F.

What do you want for Christmas this year?