Happy Friday, Have a great Father’s Day Weekend!

Most people that I know don’t particularly enjoy doing chores around the house. However, they are a necessity to keep an organized and generally clean home. Something I used to do as a kid was turn chores into a game, so that they are more fun and less dreadful. I don’t see why “fun” has to be limited to childhood.

Here are some ways you could make chore time a little more interesting.

  • Laundry Basketball: Set up a laundry basket or hamper in the center of a room, as you move around when you pick up clothes try to throw them in the basket from where you pick them up. Compete against other household members to see who can score the most points.
  • Dusty Dancing: When dusting, sweeping, mopping, or even vacuum cleaning put on your favorite dance music and dance while you clean use the cleaning tool as your dance partner and try out some moves.
  • Race against Mom/Time: Share a cleaning task and split it evenly between all parties and see who gets their area finished first, or set a timer and allow everyone to help clean one room for 15 minutes and see how much progress is made.
  • Mission possible: Create a “Mission” from a typical chore to make it fun. Maybe everything on the living room floor are dangerous “bombs” set to go off in 15 minutes and you need to retrieve them all before they go “boom”.
  • Dress Up: Dress up in a fancy outfit or costume and pretend like you are in a mansion or the bat cave and need tidying up.

If you have kids this is a great way to encourage and motivate them to help around the house. It’s important that everyone learns that they can help out! Even if you don’t have kids everyone could use some extra entertainment! These are always ways to help individuals who have difficulty focusing or tasks or procrastinating. You can even provide a reward for yourself when you are finished, ice cream is always a welcome treat for me!

Please share in the comments below ways that you make a dull task more interesting.

-Karrlita F.