Poverty Simulation: Billy

Poverty Experience - "Billy" I recently attended a poverty simulation hosted by Young Professionals and Circles of Hope. I had never participated in something like this before, so, I didn’t know what to expect. I was assigned to a family of six and each of us were given a role to play. We had a [...]

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Poverty Training – “Mark”

Poverty Training Experience This week I attended a poverty simulation that was hosted by Young Professionals of Reno County and Circles of Hope. This was the first time I had attended a poverty simulation. All participants were assigned roles in a family the sizes of each family varied as did the roles each person fulfilled. [...]

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Monday, Monday

Happy Friday, in preparation for the weekend, here is something to think about when you are laying in bed Sunday night. Have you ever woken up and just wanted to stay in bed, I think that happens to many people every Monday. I think Mondays are the most important day of the week; to me, [...]

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Friday Post-Bullying!

I hope you enjoy our Weekly Friday Posts, here's the first of many: I have a close friend who was having a bad week. She didn’t feel good about the way she looked and thought that no one could stand her. She kept reliving things from her past that had happened more than five years [...]

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2016 “No Boundaries” Photo Project Seeks Participants for Its Fourth “No Boundaries” Photo Project Since 2011, has proudly featured individuals with disabilities who have achieved employment success in our “No Boundaries” Photo Project. As we launch our fourth installment of the series, we celebrate the diverse skills, talents and life stories of each participant we have profiled so [...]

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Your Voice Matters!

This year is an election year, the Presidential Election is the most important one that we, as Americans, get to experience. It is so important to use the privelege that we get to vote on who will lead our country for the next few years. I know it seems like one little vote isn't important. [...]

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