From Apple Trees to Fairy Doors

It’s never dull at PILR; last week the excitement happened in my office. Debbie came to talk to me about something and suddenly asks, “How long has that door been in your office?” Now I am seriously confused. The only door I know of is the one she walked through to enter my office. She [...]

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Understanding Life in a Wheelchair By Janice Talyor

When we were out in the public, I started noticing disturbing reactions from some people. Most people were helpful and opened doors for me or let us pass first. But sometimes people would bump into me when passing; they never stopped to apologize. They didn’t seem to have much patience if I was in front [...]

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Post-Secondary programs more inclusive for people with disabilities.

Every year for the past 17 years, PILR has been proud to host Disability Mentoring Day. It’s a day for local youth with disabilities and employers to get together and learn from each other. It shows the employers how much the youth have to offer and shows the youth how many wonderful jobs are open [...]

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Life hacks for all of us.

We see them on every form of social media almost daily. They get sent to our emails and they even show up on the news, these so called Life Hacks are everywhere. They take almost anything and show us neat ways to make life easier, but are they really useful? Are they good for everyone? [...]

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“Neurodiversity” new buzz word or new Autism movement?

There’s a new word floating around that is being used to help describe people on the Autism spectrum. Neurodiversity is being pushed to describe developmental differences in children and adults. The hope is that by relabeling those on the Autism spectrum it will level the playing field and create a wider range of acceptance further [...]

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Barbie branching out.

For 60 years the Barbie brand has been creating toys for girls. Amid controversy and backlash, Barbie has thrived as the world’s leading doll maker. Over the years dolls of every shape, age, size, nationality, gender and hair type have emerged. Now, the doll company is branching out yet again. For the first time, the [...]

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Labels, are they more harmful than helpful?

I remember being a teenager in the 90’s, the fight to end labels. Being a teen with ADD I was active in that fight. What I have is not who I am and we didn’t want to be tagged with something that would change the rest of our lives. Now in 2019, the younger generation [...]

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Equal pay for equal work

There is a big debate that has been going on for years about raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $15 per hour. This sounds really good for those that are making minimum wage. Did you know there are a lot of people who work every day and get mere cents on [...]

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Inclusive emojis.

Emojis of people using wheelchairs, service dogs, hearing aids and more will be coming to your iPhone late 2019. Apple submitted a proposal to the Unicode Consortium — the non-profit that reviews requests for new emojis. Apple’s request includes a total of 13 new emojis. The emojis fall into four categories, deaf and hard of hearing, blind [...]

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Strong people

One of my favorite weekend activities is to sit down with my family and catch up on the shows we missed on TV during the week. This weekend we watched a new show we love called “The Titan Games”. I feel that it’s a cross between Ninja warrior and American Gladiator. The super strong contestants [...]

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