What is a Bully?

When I think about the word bully, the big kid from The Simpsons comes to mind: the bigger kid, threatened smaller kids with a fist if they did not give up their lunch money. I know, my vision is somewhat archaic, I’m old. If you ask society today what a bully might look like the answers are great and varied.

It could be the anonymous social media troll who attacks your post, inviting more trolls to harass you. It could be the classmate taunting you about your outfit, your home, your hair, or the boss who insists if you were a team player you would work late like everyone else, the stranger at the store making rude comments as you walk into the store, emerging from your car in the blue placard space, stating “you don’t look disabled”. These are all forms of bullying, persecution, unjust comments. Each one of them is a reality, and a daily form of torture for much of society.

How do we combat this? What is needed to support those who suffer? By what means can we remove it from our culture, and educate those who perpetuate it? If we do not stand up for those who suffer, are we complicit in the intimidation?   This is not an issue we can solve over night with a few sound bites and promises, but a long journey we must take, bravely, united and determined.

-Heather D.

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