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Bullying and Growth

Looking back on my childhood there are some key people who poured into my life and helped make me who I am today. Teachers, Friends, Family, and many others taught me things about life and myself. All these people built me up and pushed me towards something bigger. Looking back, I also see the faces of the people who tried to pull me down like bullies.

I had a great relationship with my teachers in school. I remember a time when my life was in chaos. My art teacher noticed I wasn’t myself and pulled me aside to talk with me. There was nothing special that was said, but I still remember it after all these years. It was the fact that she noticed that made the difference. I was pretty good at hiding how I felt but I didn’t fool her. I also remember a teacher who pushed me to the limit. I was not the healthiest individual in my high school days. My coach told me to work at my pace but also pushed me just as hard as everyone else. People like this are rare and much needed. We are all dependent on others in some aspects of our lives. We need the communion of others in order to grow and become more. I have heard we are three times more likely to remember a bad event in our lives than a positive one. I sometimes wonder if that is the same for remembering people who were a part of our lives as well. Because for every good person I remember, I can remember a few bad ones.

Bullies are people who try to make you feel like less so that they can feel like more. One thing to remember about bullies is their power is reliant on you being uncomfortable with something about yourself. We are our own worst critics. Some of us obsess over the way we look or act. Maybe it’s your handwriting or your current weight. Bullies look not at what other people see in you, but what you see in yourself. If it doesn’t bother you they could care less. Part of growing is learning how to accept yourself for who you are both your strengths and your weaknesses. Which I know is easier said than done, but it is important. No one is perfect, so don’t expect yourself to be.  If a bully is getting to you, ask yourself questions like: why does this bother me? Is what they are saying true? Is it a bad thing?  I have always been a bit of a nerd. In my day that wasn’t a good thing in some people’s eyes. There was always someone taunting me or saying your such a nerd.  My nerdy characteristic is one of the key things that make me, well… me. If someone can’t accept that about me, it is not a problem with me. That is a problem with them.

Bullies will always be around, I would like to say as people get older and more mature they stop being bullies, but that is not always the case. Remember the words of those who believed in you and built you up. Find comfort in who you are, not just to stop the bullies, but for you. You are worth it.

-Adam F.

If you have experienced bullying, what ways have you developed to cope with those experiences?