Happy National Bike to Work Day!!!

People use the saying, “it’s like riding a bike” to describe something that once learned becomes second nature.

As a child, I was an avid bike rider. Without a second thought I could ride for miles. That was a long time ago. My husband and I started biking together and we were doing pretty well during nicer weather. My bicycle started to fall apart literally, so we began working out at the gym more often and the bikes found comfort in our garage. Then, we were expecting our first child and I didn’t do much of anything but eat, sleep, and work until he was born. Our brand new boy was born in March of this year and I have been trying to become active again.

I saw that national bike to work day was coming up this month and I made it my goal to bike to work, which from our house is about a 3 mile ride one-way. Not having been on a bike for at least a year and a half, I was little anxious, but you gotta start somewhere. My plan was to get a new bike that was not a safety hazard and then ease my way up to the 3 mile mark.

It started off well, we purchased a new bike, helmet, and all the accessories someone would need to bike safely. After the new bicycle arrived my sweet husband put it together for me and then next day I took it for a test drive to see where adjustments needed to be made and I put on the lights and other accessories. However, with a newborn baby your time is on his time, and his time didn’t allow for me to go out biking every day to build my leg muscles back up. The first time I was really able to get back on for a ride was last night (5/17) and it certainly wasn’t for two miles. I rode around the neighborhood and mostly checked to see if any more adjustments needed to be made.

This morning I woke up early to get ready for the day, then fed the baby boy and passed him on to his dad to finish getting ready. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to get to work on time and have breakfast at DCI Park, one of the bicyclist stops for the day. I started out feeling pretty confident, I easily made it past the same distance as the day before. There were definitely more difficult areas on the route. Whenever I was facing an “uphill climb” I would remind myself that soon there would be a downhill coasting. When I was on really rough terrain or train tracks I would walk the bike across them.

I definitely was not ready for a 3 mile bike ride this morning, but somehow I managed to get to DCI Park for a quick breakfast, hosted by Harley’s Bicycles, and to work with plenty of time to spare. While some things may be like “riding a bike”, I can tell you from experience it still takes plenty of work to get to a similar skill after a period of rest. But don’t give up, the work will be worth it!

-Karrlita F.