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Behind the Scenes

I have always felt that it is important to be open and honest with people and to always be who you are.

However, I think everyone has several sides, and which one they choose to show is affected by the situation they are in. People generally act different around close long term friends than when with strangers or newly acquired friends. Your family tends to act differently at home than in public. Maybe when you go to church or to a fancy restaurant you act a certain way.  You can never truly know everything that someone is going through. That’s why it is so important to try and be understanding to everyone.

Recalling some training that I have attended since I started working at PILR, in many situations people will hide what they are going through. They may be scared or trying to protect someone they care about, they may not know how to react to what they experienced. We cannot determine the best course of action for anyone other than ourselves. Although, we can be supportive and help them find a solution when someone reveals something sensitive. But don’t judge them or attempt to force them to make a decision that you think they should.

Additionally, People with disabilities, just like everyone else, want to be “normal” and many will attempt to adjust themselves, their actions, or habits to “fit in”. It’s important to get rid of the stigmatism that just because you have a disability, something is wrong with you. I have noticed almost everyone that I know is working on changing something about themselves that they are not happy with. As a community, we need to work together to become more accepting of ourselves and others.

Here at PILR, we encourage our consumers to work towards becoming more independent, learning how to make choices and goals, and how to accept that the way they are is worthy and not something that has to be changed.


-Karrlita S.