Be beautiful, be you.

I have a question for you, are you happy with your body? I’m going to assume that you most likely said no. Most people would answer “no”, since statistics say about 9 out of 10 women and nearly half of men, in America, are unhappy with their bodies.

It’s interesting looking back to how I was in high school, where every girl I knew wished they were thinner.  It didn’t matter how skinny they were, it was never enough. I know that I was never happy with my body. For a while I wanted to be thinner, and there was one occasion that I wanted to gain some weight. Even when I’m happy with my weight, I don’t feel like my body is shaped the way I want it to be. No matter the shape or size, you are exactly how you are supposed to be right now. It’s fine if you want to lose weight or gain weight for health reasons, but if it’s simply about how you look, stop it.

I think it’s an understandable predicament people are put into, what is presented as the ideal body type floods our daily lives. Magazines take beautiful people and change them, taking away anything that could be considered a flaw. These, so called, “flaws” are the things that make them unique. Television shows and movies tend to cast only the 5% of people that fit into their type. It makes average people feel anything but average. A pant size cannot tell you if you are happy, healthy, genuine, or any characteristic that should matter. If you are going for health, then there are so many other factors, aside from weight, that you can work on.

I have had occasions where I was informed that I wasn’t allowed to have body image issues because I was “too thin”.  Everyone has body image issues, every one of us. Some are major and others are minor, but I don’t know a single person who is completely happy with every single facet of themselves. I know so many people that feel like they are never good enough, whether it is their waistline, hairstyle, personality, or sense of humor. You aren’t alone in your struggles, but we can overcome.

The beauty in being human is diversity. I watch people attempt to darken their skin, if they feel pale or lighten their skin if they feel it’s too dark. The rainbow of people doesn’t exist without variation. Everyone is made to look a little different, which is important since everyone views beauty in various ways. At the exact same size I have been told that I was both too skinny and too big. Comments like that will give you a serious complex.

Be beautiful, be you.

-Karrlita F.