You can’t go back!

“We ought not to look back, unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors and for the purpose of profiting by dear bought experience.”     -George Washington

There are about a million clichés an quotes about not being able to go back in time, but, there are still people always want to get back their glory days, get back their high school body/hair/life, mothers want their pre-baby bodies back. It’s fruitless as a constantly evolving species to want to go back; we need to look forward to where we are headed rather than where we have been.

As a new mother, its definitely hard for me to get used to the way my body is now, clothes don’t fit like they used to, I can never seem to get enough sleep, and there a ton of little changes that make me feel like this isn’t even my body anymore. However, I would never change my mom-body for the brilliant baby that we have created. I may try to fit into a similar size of clothing that I used to, but I never want to have a body that didn’t create a life.

People worry about the changes they go through as they get older, but what’s the alternative to that?  Wrinkles, graying hair, and other age related changes should be worn with pride, you earned those. There are so many who never get the chance to grow old, and many that are getting older are constantly trying to hide it. There are some cultures that have a great respect for their elder representatives and for good reason. With age comes wisdom, experience, understanding, and appreciation. I have been told constantly that being a parent is great, but being a grandparent is the greatest. You don’t get to be a grandparent if you’re stuck all life as a teenager.

If you are always stuck, in what you would call your “prime” there’s no challenge, goal setting, or need to drive yourself.  If you truly are stuck in the past, take a look at what you have and why you want to repeat history rather than make new experiences.

-Karrlita F.