Birthday Wish

This month I turn 51. One of the cool parts about birthdays is seeing all the birthday wishes on my timeline. What would make this birthday even more special is if I could find sponsors for one student for disability mentoring day for every year that I have been alive. It’s only 25 dollars to sponsor a student.

Over the last several years at my birthday, I always buy something I want. That way, I know at least I will get one present that I wanted. LOL. This year, I sponsored two students for Disability Mentoring Day. Just 49 more to go!

Growing up, as a person with a disability, there weren’t a lot of programs available to teach me about things like employment. So, I didn’t start working until later in life. I want to help today’s youth with disabilities have more opportunities than I had.

We have some great prizes up for grabs for individuals who sponsor a student with disabilities and some awesome corporate sponsorship packages.

If you would like to sponsor a student or have questions about the program contact me at or call the Hutch Office 620-663-3989 Ext 235




-Roger F.