ADA on 60 Minutes

Many of you might have viewed the Anderson Cooper 60 minute segment about the ADA and “drive by” lawsuits.  I wonder what was intended by this piece of journalism.  Was it to incite anger in the business community about the ADA and how restrictive it is?   Was it aired to inform unscrupulous lawyers they can file lawsuits for monetary gain?   I have viewed the piece and I have failed to determine the root message.    As an advocate for persons with disabilities I have yet to understand the basis of the article?

The ADA is an essential piece of legislature meant to protect the rights of persons with disabilities.  I cannot even grasp the enormity of the law, but to produce such a slighted view, to show how a very few “rotten” apples gain from this needed law, to show how businesses suffer, ( the law has been in effect for 26 years), it is not new information for them to be in compliance.  This segment does not show how the law has improved the lives of persons it serves.  This media piece did not show the many hundreds of thousands of business that are and have been in compliance for decades and how their employees and customers benefit.

I have taken action, I have called out CBS and Anderson Cooper, I have asked they show the other side to this story, show real persons who have benefited from this law, show business in compliance and how they succeed and flourish while following the law as intended.  Why, at this time in the American history would CBS run such an inflammatory commentary on the ADA?

-Heather D.

If you would like to contact CBS about this biased article and your opinions of the segment:

Contact Anderson Cooper and 60 Minutes and ask that they air another segment that gives equal airtime to the struggle of the millions of Americans with disabilities who still lack basic access to our communities.

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