Happy Friday!!! It’s June!

Last month a group of employees began a weight loss challenge.  You always hear about people wanting to lose weight but it can be hard to do by yourself. The great thing about a challenge is that you have additional motivation and accountability. The group is able to support and encourage each other alongside some friendly teasing about who’s in the lead or who couldn’t resist a craving that week. With weekly weigh-ins and leader updates, they are able to keep on track throughout the challenge.

Is there a goal that you have been wanting to reach but aren’t able to do so? If you can find another person or group of people that have a similar goal, then you can support and encourage each other to reach it, which will great increase progress and the ability to reach it.

When I was in college, I needed to take a Public Speaking Class, I do not like public speaking, it scares me… a lot. I spoke with a couple of my friends and they wanted to take the class as well. We reviewed our class, work, and personal schedules to determine if there was an available course that would work for all of us. Luckily, we found the perfect evening class and signed up for it. My favorite part of the class was the preparation for a speech, I enjoy writing and organizing, but the hard part was standing in front of the class to present what I had prepared. My friend felt the easier part for him was the speaking and the preparation is where he lacked confidence. Our other friend was similar to me where she was comfortable with the writing of the speech, but even more scared of talking in front of the whole class. We were able to use our different abilities, skills, and confidences to help each other through the class. Fortunately, much of the grade was for preparation and by the end of the course I was much more comfortable speaking to the class.

Centers for Independent Living call this peer support and we are here to provide it to those who need it to achieve their goals. When you have a support system goals seem easier, you enjoy difficult things more with friends, and things don’t feel so scary or overwhelming. Think of a goal you have and talk to your friends or family about their goals. Conversation is wonderful to start with, but you might realize you have more in common that you think. If you aren’t close to your friends and family call PILR to see how we can support your goals with you.

-Karrlita F.