Main Hutchinson Office:

Erica Rivera, Executive Director

Email: erivera@pilr.org

I am the Executive Director, employed at PILR since 2007. I started my career as an Independent Living Specialist (ILS), was promoted to ILS Coordinator in 2011 and have now moved into the role of Executive Director effective February 2020. 

Debbie Goertz, Accounting Coordinator

Email: dgoertz@pilr.org

I am employed with PILR since October 2016 as the Accounting Coordinator.  I am a lifetime Hutchinson resident.

Pam Krankenberg, Administrative Assistant/HR

Email: pkrankenberg@pilr.org

I am the administrative assistant/HR and I have been with PILR since June 2020. I am proud to be working for such a great organization that provides core services to individuals with disabilities and their families in this community.

Tammy Fuhr, Independent Living Specialist/Older Blind Program

Email: tfuhr@pilr.org

I am an Independent Living Specialist  and have been working for PILR since 2009.  When I first started with PILR I worked in the Pratt Office and moved to the Hutchinson Office in 2012.  Working with individuals who are blind or have low vision has brought so much joy in seeing them succeed at being more independent.  In 2019, I completed the “Introduction to Braille” course and am now able to read uncontracted braille.  I am currently working on the “Contracted Braille” course and am excited to finish it.  I have a daughter that keeps me busy.  She loves playing volleyball and I am the assistant coach for her travel softball team.  My hobbies include baking, makeup, and hanging out with family and friends.

Heather Jones, Independent Living Coordinator

Email: hjones@pilr.org

I am the Independent Living Coordinator for Independent Living Services and also provide Independent Living Counseling through the Work Opportunities Reward Kansans program.  I have been employed at Prairie Independent Living Resource Center, Inc. since 2001.

Adam Fortna, Independent Living Specialist

Email: afortna@pilr.org

I work with the EDK program and help those looking for work create a resume, network with employers, and explore employment opportunities. I started at PILR in 2016 and have a broad range of skills from my time working with several nonprofits. In my free time I enjoy long walks on the beach, but since I live in Kansas I mostly just play board games and volunteer at my church..

Cindy Daniels, Employment Coordinator

Email: cdaniels@pilr.org

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology – Fort Hays State University.  Employment with PILR, Inc. since September 2011.

Anthony Frischenmeyer, Employment Specialist

Email: afrischenmeyer@pilr.org

Hello my name is Anthony Frischenmeyer I am new in the employment department of PILR. I have been around PILR for quite a long time helping here and there as needed. Recently, I have been working as a Job Coach/Employment Specialist.

Nicole Scott, Independent Living Specialist

Email: nscott@pilr.org

Hello, my name is Nicole Scott from Hutchinson, Kansas.  I am the new Independent Living specialist here at PILR. I have a double associate’s in arts and science with Hutchinson Community College. I have a twelve year old son who is very active in sports. Currently, I have three dogs and three chickens. I love gardening, exercising, and spending time with the family.

Bob Gilbert, OKEP Employment Specialist

Email: bgilbert@pilr.org

My name is Bob Gilbert, I am an Employment Specialist at PILR.  I am relatively new to this position but have been involved with PILR for over 20 years.  I am a retired CPA and PILR was my client.  During that time I developed a keen awareness and appreciation of the plight of people with disabilities.  After I retired, I became aware of this position and jumped at the opportunity to join the team.

Trisha Tolbert, Employment Specialist

Email: ttolbert@pilr.org

I am Trisha Tolbert from Winter Park, FL.   Hutchinson has been my home since 1994.  I recently got married!  How exciting.  I have 2 sons and 3 granddaughters and now have a blended family with an additional 3 sons, another granddaughter, and a grandson.  One of my favorite hobbies is writing, I’m thinking of you cards and adding my famous confetti.  I LOVE helping people and making a difference. I’m very grateful to have become one of the newest members of the PILR family as an Employment Specialist.  What a Wonderful opportunity to help make a difference in other people’s lives!!

Satellite Pratt Office:

Tasha Konrade, Service Coordinator

email: nkonrade@pilr.org

My name is Tasha Konrade, and I’m excited to be back at PILR.  I worked as the Service Coordinator for the PILR Pratt and Dodge City offices from 2015-2019 and loved every minute of it.  I ventured off to try other opportunities after I left PILR in 2019 and was excited to have the opportunity to return to PILR as a Service Coordinator in the Pratt office this year. I have an Associate’s in Business Management and live in a small town, Kansas.  I have two children and two fur babies.  Some of our favorite things are football, camping, hiking, and family movie nights.  I’m excited to be working with consumers again and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish!

Chelsey Rose, Independent Living Specialist

Email: crose@pilr.org

I was born and raised in a small Kansas town. In the past, I have taught preschool, worked as a para educator in the Autism room and I have worked in retail for 9 years. I started working with PILR in 2014 and I am currently an Independent Living Specialist. My hobbies are playing with my adorable pets, sewing, reading books, and watching classic television.


Satellite Dodge City Office:

Phil Handsaker, Service Coordinator

Email: phandsaker@pilr.org

Although I am new to Prairie Independent Living Resource Center, I have been working with people as both a service provider and in developing programs to help people for over 30 years. I have a passion for helping others achieve their dreams and the firm belief that a goal is just a dream with a deadline.

Mignon Luckey, Independent Living Specialist/Older Blind Program

Email: mluckey@pilr.org

Mignon Luckey has been working at PILR, since 2011, in the Dodge City office as an Independent Living Specialist.