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Life hacks for all of us.

We see them on every form of social media almost daily. They get sent to our emails and they even show up on the news, these so called Life Hacks are everywhere. They take almost anything and show us neat ways to make life easier, but are they really useful? Are they good for everyone? [...]

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“Neurodiversity” new buzz word or new Autism movement?

There’s a new word floating around that is being used to help describe people on the Autism spectrum. Neurodiversity is being pushed to describe developmental differences in children and adults. The hope is that by relabeling those on the Autism spectrum it will level the playing field and create a wider range of acceptance further [...]

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Barbie branching out.

For 60 years the Barbie brand has been creating toys for girls. Amid controversy and backlash, Barbie has thrived as the world’s leading doll maker. Over the years dolls of every shape, age, size, nationality, gender and hair type have emerged. Now, the doll company is branching out yet again. For the first time, the [...]

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Labels, are they more harmful than helpful?

I remember being a teenager in the 90’s, the fight to end labels. Being a teen with ADD I was active in that fight. What I have is not who I am and we didn’t want to be tagged with something that would change the rest of our lives. Now in 2019, the younger generation [...]

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