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Equal pay for equal work

There is a big debate that has been going on for years about raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $15 per hour. This sounds really good for those that are making minimum wage. Did you know there are a lot of people who work every day and get mere cents on [...]

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Inclusive emojis.

Emojis of people using wheelchairs, service dogs, hearing aids and more will be coming to your iPhone late 2019. Apple submitted a proposal to the Unicode Consortium — the non-profit that reviews requests for new emojis. Apple’s request includes a total of 13 new emojis. The emojis fall into four categories, deaf and hard of hearing, blind [...]

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Strong people

One of my favorite weekend activities is to sit down with my family and catch up on the shows we missed on TV during the week. This weekend we watched a new show we love called “The Titan Games”. I feel that it’s a cross between Ninja warrior and American Gladiator. The super strong contestants [...]

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Helping out in your community

You hear of volunteer work more and more these days. PILR would not be able to run as efficiently as we do without our Volunteers. They do so many jobs around our offices and we are very grateful for them. More people are getting out, making a difference and helping in our communities. Whether it [...]

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