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Stumbling block or stepping stone?

We’ve all been there, you made a plan, you were following it to the letter and everything is going great. Then it happens. Something unforeseen pops up, smacks you in the face and changes everything. Maybe it didn’t even happen to you. Maybe it happened to your mom or spouse or family member. Whatever the [...]

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Introducing: Chore Busters

By now you have probably seen this logo on Facebook and in our newsletter. We are very excited to start a new service available to anyone, Chore Busters. This is a by the hour, home maintenance and cleaning service. We have hired, back ground checked, trained and insured professionals that will come to your home [...]

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Turning “I”llness to “We”llness

Most times when we talk about disabilities we think physical and often leave out cognitive or intellectual disabilities. In a time where we are constantly talking about over stimulation and anxiety, it is important that we look at these disabilities as well. The National Institute of Mental Health has estimated that roughly 18.1% of Americans [...]

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What’s in a name?

Language is ever evolving. At one time things were “Groovy” then “Radical” then “Bodacious” then “Rockin” then “Cool” then “lit” and now possibly “turnt”. All of which are ways to show that you like something. Names change too, I was born Rachael, my family called me Rach, my cousins called me Ratchett (before it was [...]

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