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Acing the Job interview

When I was young and looking for my first job, I remember going to an interview at a local video store. I had practiced the traditional interview questions and dressed up nice. As I walked in to the interview the Employer asked me how I was doing and though I was extremely nervous I said [...]

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Those who suffer in silence.

We take for granted the things we know, our supports, our resources, our supplies and our suppliers. We think that if we know about them then everyone else must know about them. Surely those who need what we have know, right? After all, we found out about them. Or perhaps we don’t think that at [...]

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Disability Employment Awareness Month

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month. To promote employment of people with disabilities PILR coordinates Disability Mentoring Day (DMD) in Hutch and Pratt.  This is an internationally recognized program where people with disabilities/mentees are matched with an employer/mentor for a day of career exploration.  PILR has focused on our youth with disabilities.  High school students [...]

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