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Last Friday was a Special Day, Friday the 13th When the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday, there is a certain dread that some people seem to acquire. Superstitiously, it is seen as a day of bad luck and to make sure you avoid situations that are certain to increase your bad luck [...]

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WHAT’S REALLY HAPPENING? Recently my husband and I were asked if we could be featured in an organization’s newsletter as a couple where one of the partners has a disability.  Of course, we said that would be fine.  It got me to thinking about comments that have been made over the years to him and [...]

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Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss? You may have heard the saying “Ignorance is Bliss” you may or may not fully understand the implications of this phrase. If we start with the word ignorance, it is defined as the lack of knowledge. The idea that it could be “blissful” is that if you don’t know about something you [...]

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