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Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you, Veterans! I have always had a tenuous relationship with sleep. I used to think, “why do you even need sleep, there are so many things I could be doing instead of being unconscious.” As a new parent, I miss sleep more than I ever imagined that I [...]

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Like Riding a Bike…

Happy National Bike to Work Day!!! People use the saying, “it’s like riding a bike” to describe something that once learned becomes second nature. As a child, I was an avid bike rider. Without a second thought I could ride for miles. That was a long time ago. My husband and I started biking together [...]

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Heading Home Grant

Make it Greater! Recently, PILR was provided a Make It Greater grant for a program, Heading Home, that allows us to better serve the homeless population in Reno County.  We are very excited for this grant and the opportunity to collaborate with the Hutchinson Police Department and other helping agencies to enhance services to the [...]

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Youth Advocacy Training 2018

This year, I had a chance to help out with Youth Advocacy Training for Nickerson and Fairfield High Schools. This is a two day event where we work with students with disabilities to inform them about advocacy and resources. As a person with a disability, I was excited for this event, it did not disappoint. [...]

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