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Legislative Update

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday! Legislative update After more than 100 days in Topeka, the Kansas legislature is getting closer to completing their work for the year so it might be good to look back at this session. The most pressing things the legislature needed to complete were a school funding formula that will [...]

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Kids are Curious

Kids are curious and it’s ok I recently saw a news story about a kid who was creating an app which would allow people with disabilities to know if businesses were accessible or what accessibility challenges someone might find when patronizing a business. He got the idea when he saw a person, who used a [...]

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Memorial Day

Happy Friday, we are excited about Memorial Day weekend! Memorial Day to Remember With Memorial Day coming up, I am looking forward to a longer weekend than usual. I am also looking forward to remembering all the important people that have impacted my life, but are no longer here with us. Every one handles grief [...]

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Disabilities Do Not Mean You Cannot Parent Happy Friday, Have a great weekend! On Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s day and while my mother has been gone for more than 20 years, I always take a few minutes on that day to appreciate the lessons she taught me. More often than not as a kid, her [...]

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Happy Friday, Enjoy this Beautiful May Weekend! What is Inclusion? PILR’s Mission statement is “to achieve the full inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities through education and advocacy.” This is something we strive for every day, but what does “inclusion” mean? The dictionary definition of inclusion states “the action or state of being included [...]

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Stories of Sharon

Happy Friday, It is a beautiful day! This has been a difficult start to this month, but we would like to share some more stories about our beloved morning receptionist, Sharon. I remember Sharon was the first person I met when I came into the Hutchison PILR Office. At that time we had a SER [...]

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Stories of Sharon

This past week has been hard on many of our employees, losing a staff member is never easy. However, losing Sharon, who was so much more than just a staff member, is heartbreaking to all of us. Please enjoy some stories that staff share in the next couple of weeks. Stories of Sharon: Sharon started [...]

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Happy Friday! Dreamer I was lucky enough to have a vast amount of exposure to people with disabilities when I was a child. However, the idea that wasn’t common, when I was growing up, was for the pursuit of employment for people with disabilities. It seemed that it was their goal in life was to [...]

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Job-A-Thon 2017

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful Easter Weekend! Job-A-Thon 2017 Last week I witnessed my first PILR Job-A-Thon in Pratt. I volunteered to help interview some of the students in the morning. At first, the thought of interviewing a bunch of teenagers was a little scary. Luckily, my first interviewee was much better than expected and [...]

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