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DMD 2017 Update!

Happy Friday, Enjoy the Hot Rod Run! Disability Mentoring Day On October 18 in Hutchinson, and October 24 in Pratt, approximately 260 High school students with disabilities will learn about a career they may want to pursue after high school as PILR hosts Disability Mentoring Day 2017. This will be the 16th year we have [...]

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“Fair” Enough

"Fair" Enough Working or Residing in Hutchinson, KS in the middle of September, always brings plenty of feelings and opinions regarding the Kansas State Fair. For longtime residents, the fair can be well anticipated or completely dreaded. I think the biggest complaint most people have with the State Fair is the increase in traffic. For [...]

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DMD Countdown

Happy Friday, Enjoy the last weekend of the fair! DMD Countdown (10/18/2017) We have approximately a month before Disability Mentoring Day 2017! This is the 16th year that PILR has been the local host of Disability Mentoring Day. Through the years, it has impacted many students in many different ways, but most importantly, it has [...]

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First Impressions

Happy First Fair Weekend! First Impressions are not all they are cracked up to be. They are affected by much more than things that an individual can control. There are personal perceptions, prejudgments, societal expectations. You might be able to control what you wear, how you do your hair and make-up, and you can prepare [...]

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DMD 2017

Happy Friday, Have a great Labor Day Weekend! Disability Mentoring Day  On October 18, PILR will host Disability Mentoring Day so that high school students can learn what it might be like to work in a career they want to pursue after graduation. This will be the 16th year we have been the local host [...]

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