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Focus on the Positive

Focus on the Positive Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend! It seems like there is a general tendency to focus more on what things are going wrong and complaining rather than looking at what is going well and looking for the silver linings. Typically, negative memories are recalled more vividly and more often than positive [...]

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Kansas Youth Leadership Forum 2017

Happy Friday, have a great weekend! Preparing youth for their future One of the highlights of my year is the week I spend every July at the Kansas Youth Leadership Forum in Topeka. This is a program for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities which teaches them not only leadership skills, but introduces them [...]

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Myths vs Facts

Myths vs Facts At PILR, we work with a vast array of people with disabilities. When we do outreach to explain the consumers we serve and the services we provide, there are always misconceptions about people with disabilities. We would like to clarify some of those. ·     People with disabilities live very different lives than people [...]

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Our Independence Day

We enjoyed a shorter work week, thanks to a wonderful 4th of July Holiday Weekend! Happy Friday! Our Independence Day In 1776, the second continental congress voted to declare their freedom from the British Empire and started the United States of America. At the time, they declared that all men are created equal and that [...]

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