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Time Happy Friday, Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the car show on Main St. Hutch! Most of my friends and people that I spend time with tend to be from my generation and around my age, people that tend to be like minded and have similar values and views of the world.  There is nothing wrong [...]

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Excitement and Responsibility

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Excitement and Responsibility Some of you may have noticed that earlier this week that we had a litter of kittens in the office, one of them in particular struck a chord with me and my wife. She was quiet, calm and purred when we pet her.  Though we already have two cats [...]

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Happy Friday!!! Okay! I think that I have a wonderful life. My husband is amazing, I have a great family, caring friends, and I have never enjoyed a job so much.  I know in my head that I personally could never ask for more than what I have right now. However, it seems my heart [...]

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Keep Your Head Up

Happy Friday, We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Keep Your Head Up When things are going well in our lives it is relatively easy to keep a positive attitude. When you are going through a difficult situation positive thinking can feel almost impossible. We all have been through hard times, whether it’s [...]

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Labor Day

It's Friday! Happy Labor Day Weekend! Not only is it Friday but it's the beginning of a 3 day weekend--totally awesome! I love my job but it's nice to get a break from it too.  It's a time to not labor.  Kind of odd they call it labor day when it's just the opposite, we [...]

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