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Growing Pains

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Growing Pains As an Administrative Assistant, I have a to-do list that feels like it is miles long at times. Sometimes, I feel like I am getting pulled in a million different directions and may even lose my way. I find myself constantly outside of my comfort zone, learning, trying, and doing [...]

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Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish This month I turn 51. One of the cool parts about birthdays is seeing all the birthday wishes on my timeline. What would make this birthday even more special is if I could find sponsors for one student for disability mentoring day for every year that I have been alive. It’s only 25 [...]

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Learning to Cook

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Learning To Cook I will never forget the first time I came in contact with the kitchen. I was 9 years old and my sister was 6. We wanted to make cookies, roll them out, and decorate them. Of course, at the exact time we wanted to do this, our mom had [...]

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Disability Mentoring Day!

Disability Mentoring Day Raffle! Raffle Winner List AutoZone 2 $10 Gift Cards - Conrad Graber Denver Broncos Autographed Photo Of Emanuel Sanders - Rochelle Stiner Hutchinson High Autographed Football - Tyson Schechter Hutchinson Community College Autographed Basketball - Rosemary Miller Hutchinson Monarchs Autographed Baseball - Tamara Reboul Hutchinson's Historic Fox Theater 2 Movie Passes w/ [...]

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Be Beautiful, Be You

Be beautiful, be you. I have a question for you, are you happy with your body? I’m going to assume that you most likely said no. Most people would answer “no”, since statistics say about 9 out of 10 women and nearly half of men, in America, are unhappy with their bodies. It’s interesting looking [...]

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