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ADA 26th Anniversary

ADA Anniversary July 26th, 2016 is the 26th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.  According to President George H. W. Bush, this civil rights legislation was designed to bring down “the shameful wall of exclusion”. Today we see curb ramps, Braille numbers on many elevators and restrooms, and [...]

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Own Your Labels, Differences Make us Stronger!

Own your labels, Differences make us stronger I attended, as a volunteer last week, the 15th Kansas Youth Leadership Forum where “own your labels, differences make us stronger” was the theme. We all have labels that we carry around with us some of which we love to wear some not so much. Some labels are [...]

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Personally, watching the news lately has been very depressing. I hate the fact that we all just can’t get along.  Looking at a news application that I have on my smartphone, the past couple weeks have been pretty discouraging. So many people are affected by all this negativity. I am sure that there are newsworthy [...]

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Cracked, Not Broken

Happy Friday Everyone!!! While attending the Mental Health first aid training a few weeks ago, they mentioned a book written by Kevin Hines, “Cracked, Not Broken”. Kevin Hines is a survivor. He attempted to end his life by jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge. After his amazing recovery he became a mental health advocate and [...]

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REV UP Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 7/1/2016 Prairie Independent Living Resource Center INC. Announces REV UP Campaign - Making the DISABILITY VOTE Count Hutchinson, KS – Prairie Independent Living Resource Center INC. (PILR) is participating in a national effort to make the DISABILITY VOTE more influential. On July 7th and 8th at our Hutchinson office PILR will be [...]

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KCSDV Training

Happy Friday, Everyone!!! I had the chance to do some more training this week.  The training topic was The Impact of Sexual and Domestic Violence on Health. The training was provided by Kansas Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence and was graciously funded by a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield. This topic is very [...]

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