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Low Vision Open House!

Western Kansas Low Vision Open House Finney County Senior Center 9:00 am - 11:00 am Saturday March 12, 2016 Please RSVP by March 1st: Fry Eye Associates 620-275-7248 Topics Veteran’s Administration TAP Talking Books OrCam DaVinci NFB Reader App Amigo Merlin Ruby And much more

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Letters to the Editor

What you may not realize is that PILR welcomes “Letters to the Editor” we are currently preparing our newsletter that will be out next month. We would love to have input from our readers. If you have a story or other contribution, don’t hesitate to send it in. These might include upcoming events, past events, [...]

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SPIL Public Forum

The Statewide Independent Living Council of Kansas, Inc. will be hosting a public comment forum over the State Plan for Independent Living(SPIL) The Statewide Independent Living Council of Kansas, Inc. will be hosting a public comment forum over the State Plan for Independent Living(SPIL) for FFY 2017 to FFY 2019 on March 30th from 10am [...]

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Changing it up!

PILR has welcomed two new employees and has seen some changes within the Board of Directors. Alma has become an Information and Referral Specialist at the Dodge City Office. She graduated from Arroyo high school in 2008. Alma is a proud mother of two lovely daughters. Karrlita Fortna has joined the ranks as an Administrative [...]

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Voter Education

Last week Roger had the chance to visit Hutchinson High School and help educate a government class on voting: why it's important and the steps to take, in order to register and what to do on election day. Some presentations with candy and the help of a few volunteers made the event fun and interesting. [...]

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HB 2639 Concerns

HB2639 is a bill that would allow people with mental health disabilities, or people dealing with substance abuse issues to be detained without due process based on the word of a treating professional, law enforcement, or an other reliable individual. It does not, however define what “other reliable individual” is, which leads us to have [...]

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President’s Day!

The Hutchinson office was lucky today, we received a visit from a massage therapist, courtesy of Schroeder Family Chiropractic. Free massages for anyone in the office that wanted one. While some people may be enjoying a day off from work, we are enjoying the day on a massage chair. Thank You!!!

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Your Voice Matters!

This year is an election year, the Presidential Election is the most important one that we, as Americans, get to experience. It is so important to use the privelege that we get to vote on who will lead our country for the next few years. I know it seems like one little vote isn't important. [...]

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Washington Post Article

"The 2016 conversation has ignored disabled people. Now, they want to be heard." With all the issues that are being discussed by the presidential candidates, we must wonder if disability rights will be brought up. There are advocates that plan to take action and make disability rights a topic to be discussed. The goal is [...]

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Step Therapy Bill

Update The Senate, 23-16, passed to the House- its bill which authorizes so-called "step therapy" for prescription drugs for the KanCare subsidized health care program for the poor. The measure will allow private KanCare administrators who run the program for the state to require doctors to prescribe lower-cost drugs initially and "step-up" to more expensive [...]

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