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What is a Bully?

What is a Bully? When I think about the word bully, the big kid from The Simpsons comes to mind: the bigger kid, threatened smaller kids with a fist if they did not give up their lunch money. I know, my vision is somewhat archaic, I'm old. If you ask society today what a bully [...]

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Prove Them Wrong

Happy Wednesday - Bonus Blog! Prove them Wrong. As a business account manager for the End Dependence Kansas Progressive Employment Initiative I spend a fair amount of time online, looking for community partners, searching job leads and providing outreach for the program.  I enjoy learning about other service models and how agencies are implementing successful [...]

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Leadership Training Overview

Happy Friday. Have a wonderful Christmas Weekend! You.Lead.Now. Training Overview There was very little time during the three days I attended the training that I felt comfortable, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Something that was mentioned was discomfort brings about change. I know most of my anxiety is over-exaggerating situations, and generally I [...]

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Persons with Disabilities

PWD Bonus Blog! Working as an advocate for persons with disabilities, I am always amazed when people assume disability means incapable.   I was beyond shocked when a guest speaker, a very accomplished para athlete, with significant physical limitations shared his surprise as he arrived to give a speech to students with disabilities and he saw [...]

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Leadership Training Day 3

Leadership Training Day 3 Have a wonderful weekend! I attended a You.Lead.Now. Leadership Training provided by the Kansas Leadership Center earlier this year, to view previous entries click on Day 1 or Day 2 Day 3: I was looking forward to this day. The last day was only a half day and I was ready [...]

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Anderson Cooper – ADA

ADA on 60 Minutes Many of you might have viewed the Anderson Cooper 60 minute segment about the ADA and “drive by” lawsuits.  I wonder what was intended by this piece of journalism.  Was it to incite anger in the business community about the ADA and how restrictive it is?   Was it aired to inform [...]

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Leadership Training Day 2

You. Lead. Now. Leadership Training Last week I talked about the first day of a leadership training course provided by Kansas Leadership Center. To read about Day 1 please click here! This week I will expand on to the next day. Day 2: The second day we were able to spend some time in small [...]

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Leadership Training Day 1

Happy Friday, It's starting to feel like winter. We hope you have a wonderful weekend. You. Lead. Now. Leadership Training Day 1: In October, I attended a Leadership Training Conference in Wichita hosted by the Kansas Leadership Center. It was two and a half days long and I was completely out of my comfort zone [...]

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Thankful for The Foundation

Happy Friday, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great weekend ahead! Thankful for Grants Something that we are very thankful for this month is the grant that we were awarded by the Hutchinson Community Foundation – Fund for Hutchinson. Last week a few of the staff attended the Grant Award Ceremony and our [...]

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Still Thankful

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend! Still Thankful As Thanksgiving draws near, we would like to share more things that we are thankful for here at Prairie Independent Living Resource Center, Inc. This week come ladies at our satellite offices are very grateful: Alma Ramirez, I&R Specialist, “I am very thankful for having the wonderful [...]

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